Jessicka Dugger


Supervised by Maggie Chlebana, MS, LPC

Hello, I’m Jessicka Dugger, a graduate intern student working towards helping individuals and families grow, heal, and live the lives they deserve!

My passion is empowering individuals, like you, families, and couples establish healthy relationships while focusing on your strengths and the positive aspects of your lives. I believe that you, as the client, are in control. You are the ultimate expert of your life and hold the keys to every circumstance. My desire is to help guide you to see this power by way of providing a safe and non-judgmental environment where you will be fully accepted. I truly believe that growth and healing are possible for everyone regardless of current or past circumstances. Everyone is worthy of thriving and excelling in their life in every way. My mission is to walk with you through your journey and to encourage you to reach your goals.

Through my graduate work and training in Person-Centered Therapy, building a trusting and solid working relationship with each client is of the utmost importance to me. This approach aligns with who I am as a person and allows me to be genuine and accepting of everyone regardless of who they are or what they are going through. It also allows me to provide ongoing support throughout treatment and help clients better understand themselves. I am a Christian who welcomes clients from all cultures and religious backgrounds to share their beliefs however they feel comfortable.

I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Capella University and am currently working under the supervision of Maggie Chlebana, M.S., LPC. I am also a member of the American Counseling Association and Spring Creek Counseling Association. Upon graduation, I intend on becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor and further pursue a Ph.D in Counseling Education. I will be a life long learner looking to develop and strengthen my skills as a counselor while still serving others and helping other aspiring and upcoming counselors.

You are not alone and I look forward to helping you along your journey!