Mai Lee Eskelund

mai lee

Mai Lee believes in the importance of walking alongside other people during life’s storms. She provides counseling services to children, adolescents, adults, and couples through individual, couples, and group counseling because

Mai Lee’s approach is Person-Centered and aims to meet clients where they are and allow space to process and understand the underlying feelings. She believes that empowering clients through empathy, effective challenges, psycho-education, and engaged development and growth. Personal growth can occur at any stage.

Mai Lee has spent over 19 years serving in the United States Army, which has provided her experience in high stress and high anxiety environments. It has assisted in developing solution focused and choice theory skills that she applies to counseling.  Her military career has provided perspective on understanding a multitude of life’s challenges and has allowed her to incorporate a multi-cultural perspective to counseling.

Mai Lee Eskelund is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Professional Counseling specializing in Clinical Mental Health at Stephen F. Austin State University. Upon graduation, she intends to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and is currently practicing under the supervision of Maggie Chlebana, M.S., LPC.