Teresa Anderson


Teresa Anderson's journey in the field of counseling is marked by a profound dedication toward aiding those in need. With a master's degree in counseling, a specialization in Marriage and Family, and her current pursuit of licensure as a Professional Counselor, Teresa brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to her role at Kimberly Boyd Counseling Center. Her academic achievements, underscored by her salutatorian status at an East Texas Seminary, are complemented by her heartfelt commitment to community service, particularly in supporting the homeless and battered women. As a veteran of the United States Airforce, Teresa's experiences have fostered a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and a desire to serve individuals from all walks of life. Her therapeutic approach is as multifaceted as her interests, ranging from childhood trauma to spiritual exploration, and is tailored to the unique needs of each client. Embracing a vast array of therapeutic modalities from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Ketamine Assisted Therapy, and Spiritual Development. Teresa seeks to foster a nurturing environment where clients can embark on a transformative journey towards mental health and wholeness. Her membership in the American Counseling Association further reflects her commitment to professional excellence and ethical practic